Tattooer adding new Ink Tattoo to Arm of Client

Our Artists

All of our tattoo artists are professionally trained to give you the best possible result. Black Rose Tattooers prides ourselves on being the best in Tucson and we want to prove it to you so stop in and get your new tattoo today!

Deana Burch

Having tattooed in both street shops and custom shops since 1990, I pride myself on being a very versatile tattooer. I enjoy making tattoos that are as close to what you imagine as possible. Please email me, or stop by the shop to discuss your ideas.

Molly Mcking

Classic tattooing in all styles! Stop by our 4th Ave. store or email me for appointment inquires.

Danny Lucero

Determined to be the best, coming a long way in this journey called life. Art and music and lowriding have changed me completely, Evolving in tattoo life where I belong.

Colt Macias

I’m a Tucson local Tattooer born and raised in Arizona. I’ve been tattooing for about five years and specialize in black and gray, traditional, realistic animal tattoos. I also do oil painting commissions and refurbish coil Tattoos machines. Call 520.822.6833 or email me below to set up an appointment.

Kerry Soraci

I’ve been tattooing since 1994, focusing on medical applications since 2014. I offer realistic nipple tattoos for breast cancer survivors and trans men; transformative scar-covering chest pieces as well as other scar cover-ups; and phalloplasty color and contouring. I have a totally private studio in the 6th Ave shop. Text 314-440-0165 for an appointment! I am here through the end of February and will be back on a-to-be-determined regular basis.

R.S. “Mac” MacKai

Shop owner. Founded Black Rose Tattooers in 1995 in Bisbee before moving the business to Tucson in 1999. Classic tattooing in fine line black and grey as well as color. Email or walk-in to schedule a consultation/appointment.