Theo Sheffler Lead Piercer at Black Rose Tattooers

Theo Sheffler

Theo has been piercing since 2007 and has been at Black Rose since 2009. He has been attending the annual Association of Professional Piercers conference every year since 2008, taking classes to further his skill and also has been part of the volunteer team since 2009. Theo is available for all your facial, oral, body, and genital piercings, as well as large gauge piercings/punches and genital beading. Consultations are available during his regular posted schedule or can be done by appointment for any other time. Piercings can then be done by appointment or same day. When Theo isn’t piercing he spends his time riding his motorbike, hanging out with chickens and goats, or making jewelry. You can check out his jewelry here- or Popcycle on 4th ave.

Hours of Operation: Walk-ins Welcome  |  Monday 12-8  |  Tuesday 12-6  |  Wednesday 12-6  |  Sunday 12-7 or Book an Appointment Here.